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Art: Andy Ducett

Minneapolis based artist Andy DuCett is one of thirteen local contributors featured in the upcoming issue of Paper Darts Volume 3. In the issue, artist, writer, and Salon Saloon host Andy Sturdevant interviews DuCett in his studio as he completes the massive and intricate drawing, "Thumbs up (we must be living right)". Here, Paper Darts features two installations, "Working towards something (trust me)" and "Laying low (prepping for a calculated response". These installations are from the same period as the drawing featured in the interview, and were recently shown in the "Painting Zombies" exhibit at the University of Minnesota Nash Gallery. For the next year and a half DuCett will be focusing his energy on creating work to fill his September 2012 show at the Soap Factory in NE Minneapolis. If you can't wait to explore more DuCett glory, visit his website and find him at MNoriginal.

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