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Art: Rui Ribeiro

Rui Ribeiro is a young, up-and-coming, New York-based designer and illustrator. He left his native Portugal to study at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, graduating in 2010.  At twenty-three, he has already exhibited work around the world, and developed a signature style all his own. By moving the figure into abstraction, Ribeiro's portraits convey a wonderful sense of energy and a palpable magnetism. Ribeiro says he is most inspired by human emotion, and while the expressions of his figures are subtle, the drawings contain a world of personality etched into hair, clothing, and skin. We love his figurative illustrations for their capacity to explore storytelling through each scratch and line of his pencil and pen. You can learn more about Rui Ribeiro by visiting his website, C of Seeing.


All Rights Reserved to Rui Ribeiro.

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