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Art: Terrence Payne

ARTIST STATEMENT: "Terrence Payne’s oil pastel portraits combine narrative elements, refined organic forms, along with delicate and bold lines to suggest movement and evolution in his subject’s character. The earnest beauty ensuing from the clumsy actions of his subjects as they stumble through life in pursuit of their ideal existence inspires him. Whether or not they ever reach their prescribed potential is irrelevant to Terrence, it is the fleeting and universal experiences that happen along the way, which truly define their humanity. Terrence has lived and worked in the Minneapolis area since the mid 1990’s, building a body of unique and thought provoking work while exhibiting at museum, galleries and universities throughout the united states. His work can be found in private, corporate and collegiate collections throughout the world." You can see more of Terrence Payne's work at his website. An extensive interview with Terrence will be featured in the next print magazine, Volume 3.

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