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Culture: Silja Magg

Silja Magg is a young Icelandic photographer living in New York City. Her work is arty and dark, but remains deeply reverent to a fashion photography lineage. Photography runs in her the family — Silja's father was a photographer — and so Silja has spent much of her life shaping her unique eye for detail. The series "Doll Story" and "The Love Motel" evoke parallel feelings of fantasy and vulnerability. Her models are recognisable as the young beauties glossy mags use to sell and define opulence, but these subjects are particularly devoid of personality and emotion. In this way, her models become mirrors for more than aspiration or lust.  In their petrified stillness, we can fill their bodies with story and imagination in a rich and tactile way. Magg is an artist to watch. Make sure to keep your eye on her at her website and tumblr.

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Doll Story


The Love Motel


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