With a beer in one tentacle and a book in another, Paper Darts is taking back the lit scene, one lame pen and quill metaphor at a time.

We are primarily a magazine, but we are also a publishing press, a creative agency, a community, and an idea.

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Music: Jerome Rankine

Jerome Rankine makes music wherever he goes, with whatever he has. Right now he has a computer, a Casio keyboard, some guitars and the belief that almost anything can be sculpted into music if you squint your ears right. He’s lived in “uptown” for the past 12 years; the first ten in NYC, the last two in MPLS.

Track 1:  Gansevoortex

Track 2: Modern Warrior


Download Jerome Rankine's EP, The Ok Thief, for FREE on his website.

All rights reserved to Jerome Rankine.

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