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Poetry: Anis Mojgani


When we were geese
I followed your sweet plough over the coffee-colored earth
In Russia the people danced with masks on
We sat in the devil’s chair when he was out of the room
He chased us around his throne
I threw my bones against it to show him what real music sounded like
He chased us outside
When the world touched our backs we turned into geese
The feathers he snatched as we flew off was spit in his face
We flew south
Flew far enough south that we flew north
The devil got so lonely for us he couldn’t sleep
Just sat in the cold light all night in that tall dark chair of his
The throne room collected the hours like ghosts
He didn’t let anyone leave
Everyone in the castle stayed in their rooms
His hourglass runneth over
We flew east
Flew so far we went west
When we landed on the devil’s roof he declared a holiday
Everyone took the day off, even god showed up
God said “Look at this!” and made a rainbow
My little goose heart was clenched like a fist
I didn’t even realize this until it loosened and pennies of silver fell from its grip tumbling into the world
My skin fell from shoulders in a cascade of tears
I stepped out of it, couldn’t describe what I was made out of underneath
But you were made of the same stuff, the world too
Even the weathervanes and the paper cups
Even god and the devil
Every lake, every dark hairy beast in the woods
Every soul who was raised to be a whisper and told to never grow bigger
Such soft hair we all grew
Goddamn we was beautiful 


All rights reserved to Anis Mojgani.


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