With a beer in one tentacle and a book in another, Paper Darts is taking back the lit scene, one lame pen and quill metaphor at a time.

We are primarily a magazine, but we are also a publishing press, a creative agency, a community, and an idea.



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Courtney Algeo

Editorial Director

Courtney has red hair, tattoos. Totes Adorb.

As Editorial Director at Paper Darts, Courtney Algeo gets to read each and every piece that is submitted for potential publication. Whether the work is published or not, each piece lives on in her mind as an exceptional experience. 

Well-known throughout the Twin Cities as a literarti celebrity, in her non-PD working hours Courtney is the full-time Marketing Coordinator at The Loft Literary Center.

twitter: @IceCrmSocialite

What animal do you most resemble (physically and/or behaviorally) and why?
I asked my husband and he said “the Firefox logo” because I “have sweet red hair and am always travelling the world over the internet.” I would have said a kitten, but I’m sure everyone says that, right?

If you had to smell like one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Flowerbomb. It’s a some ritzy perfume that I used to take samples of from Nordstrom.

What’s the most embarrassing CD/band you secretly listen to but pretend you’re too cool for in public?
Tripping Daisy, that band from the 1990s who had that annoying hit “I Got a Girl”. Though, no one ever brings them up, so I never have to pretend I’m cool. It works out.

What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?
I’d really like to go to school for mortuary science.

What was your favorite NES game?
NES? Pshhh. I had Sega. I only ever got to play NES in the waiting room at my dentist’s office. It was there that I learned to hate the evil-doings of King Koopa.

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