With a beer in one tentacle and a book in another, Paper Darts is taking back the lit scene, one lame pen and quill metaphor at a time.

We are primarily a magazine, but we are also a publishing press, a creative agency, a community, and an idea.



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Jamie Millard

Executive Director

Jamie mostly tells people where to sit. Then tweets about it.

As Co-Founder and Executive Director of Paper Darts, Jamie brings to the octopus her delight for big picture, strategic planning, and results oriented action plans--ultimately working to strengthen and build capacity for the arts sector. When not working on Paper Darts, Jamie is a co-director of Pollen she also serves on the Board of Directors for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. When not collaborating on new, exciting ventures (which is rare), you’ll find Jamie walking her dogs or drooling over the newest tech gadget or video game.

email: jamie@paperdarts.org

What was your favorite SNES game?
Castlevania IV (nostalgic recap)

What’s the most embarrassing CD/band you secretly listen to but pretend you’re too coolfor in public?

I was going to answer Lady Gaga, but then I realized that I do a piss-poor job hiding my obsession. Not to mention, my mom curates a best-of-Lady-Gaga-covers at her tumblr: Ohnoes…another Lady Gaga cover.

Who was your least favorite Ninja Turtle and why?
Definitely Michelangelo. I was a very serious little child and his care-free attitude always seemed unproductive and annoying. Plus, in later seasons, his weapon is a grappling hook instead of nunchucks. How freaking lame is that?

Which popular (or unpopular, we love jocks and nerds equally) 90s cartoon character best represents you?
I might regret this, but I have to go with Iago (the annoying parrot from Aladdin). He’s witty yet annoying and his cold exterior (but good-heart-deep-down) attitude strikes a chord. Plus I used to sing his song “Forget About Love” all the time while the other little girls were singing “A Whole New World.”

What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?
I’m totally jealous of Dexter’s job as a blood splatter analyst.

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